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Garage Door Shop Detroit, MI 248-313-4849The team of repair specialists at Garage Door Shop is by far the most experienced and talented group of technicians you’ll find anywhere in Detroit, and they represent a nationwide group of service providers who are constantly at the ready to take on your garage door maintenance and repair issues. Because we have a very extensive network of suppliers, we have access to the best products and the best prices on garage door components. That’s why we can always deliver the most value on maintenance, repair, and installation services, 24 hours a day.

Ready When Needed

We at Garage Door Shop completely understand how important it is for your garage door to be properly functioning at all times. For this reason, our technicians work round-the-clock to provide resolution to any emergency repairs or maintenance issues you may have, providing outstanding service to both commercial and residential customers throughout the region. A wide range of garage doors and lift system parts are available at Garage Door Shop from manufacturers who lead the industry, and we also maintain an inventory of generic garage door parts, so that we can provide quality products at the most affordable prices.

For instance, we maintain an extensive inventory of door struts, receivers, mounting brackets, monitors, cables, remotes, pulleys, specialized fittings, and other components too numerous to mention. Whatever kind of parts you need for your garage door system, we’ll have it in our inventory. Because our specialists are always standing by, we can usually arrive at your location within an hour of your call, to free up your jammed garage door, replace your broken lock, or get your garage door back on its track, so that your door system is functional again. We know how inconvenient it can be when you lose access to your garage and the vehicles or equipment inside, so we go out of our way to be ready at all times.

Our Services

Garage Door Shop Detroit, MI 248-313-4849 Some people have the misconception that garage doors have a simplistic design and very simple functionality. In truth however, the design of a garage door system is necessarily complex, which means it is vulnerable to different kinds of breakdowns over a period of time. Our Garage Door Shop technicians are masters at providing the kinds of maintenance and upgrade services that you need to keep your garage door functioning at its best.

We also specialize at Garage Door Shop in the design and maintenance of after-market garage door system additions, for instance keypads used for opening your garage, and remote clickers which open and close your garage door. In fact, we have a full line of automatic garage door openers, some of which have motion detectors that sense approaching persons or vehicles, and can automatically respond by opening or closing. Because we have such an extensive background of hands-on experience with all phases of garage door service, we can offer many more types of services than the competition, and that’s what makes Garage Door Shop stand out among our peers in the industry.

The Professional Touch

In some cases, you may find that other repair services around Detroit provide technicians with inadequate training and knowledge, but we can confidently pledge that any Garage Door Shop technician sent to handle your garage door problem will be totally capable of handling the issue. Each of our Garage Door Shop team members is held to the highest standards of hands-on experience and professional qualification. We expect nothing but the best from each of our garage door specialists, and we further expect them to provide the utmost in customer service for each of our clients. We understand, and we want our specialists to understand, that our reputation is at stake each time you call Garage Door Shop for garage door service.

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